Take Action

You can make a difference in legislation that regulates the safety of ingredients allowed in the manufacturing of cosmetic products.

As it stands now, the FDA has limited authority to take action on companies that use harmful ingredients in their cosmetic products. This includes mandating the recall of hazardous cosmetics (link). To increase the FDA’s authority, there must be an amendment to the law. 

California Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act to tighten regulations on the cosmetic industry. The bill would amend the current Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to require cosmetic companies to register with the FDA and submit cosmetic ingredient statements to the FDA with ingredients and quantities of those ingredients. The bill would give the FDA greater oversight and authority in monitoring and prohibiting distribution of unsafe products by cosmetic companies. The bill would additionally require the FDA to review the safety of a minimum of five cosmetic ingredients each year. To read the bill in full, click here

Currently, the FDA has a list of about thirty banned ingredients. While the original law accounts for eleven, the remaining ingredients are banned under different laws. The European Union, comparatively, has a list of over 1300 banned ingredients. We encourage you to call your state’s senator and ask them to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act. This bill is the next step to increasing accountability of cosmetics companies and making products on the market safer to use.

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