About Us

How it all started

Like many consumers, I always assumed that the products I purchase for my home are safe for me because they were on the shelf at my local big box store or supermarket. Although I didn’t understand most of the ingredients listed on my shampoo bottle or toothpaste box, I never questioned their safety as they related to my health. Most of us don’t know how our everyday home products are regulated, let alone understand the ingredients that elongate our products’ labels. And who has time to research all of those ingredients anyways? Honestly, I was shocked as I learned more and found that numerous chemicals used in the US for common household items are banned in other countries due to their harmful effects on human health.

This is what inspired me to start the Home Detox Box. Our mission is to educate our community about non-toxic living and expose you, our customers, to companies that make non-toxic products that are safe for you and your family. We understand life gets busy. With the Home Detox Box, you will receive bi-monthly alternatives to your everyday essentials so you can gradually and affordably change out products you are already buying, but with safer alternatives.

I’m the mama of two beautiful boys, and after having our second son I became especially aware of all the cleaning products, shampoos, soaps, cleansers, and other things we had around the house that were full of chemicals. My oldest son, who just turned three, has revisited the phase where he sticks everything around him in his mouth. My husband came into our room as I was writing this after checking on my son in bed and showed me a screw he had had been sucking on. I have no idea where he got it. Knowing he was safe from almost swallowing it I rolled my eyes (the other day I caught him eating dog food), but it made me think about everything our kids ingest, eat, touch, and inhale. I’m not the mom who worries about my kids playing in the mud, but I am concerned about their exposure to chemicals. I know I can’t protect them from everything but I can make small choices to buy safer products for our home. That’s why I think the Home Detox Box is so important. I’m passionate about sharing safer options with you so your family can make that switch as well. 

Danuta Cloes, Founder

Our Mission

We believe in providing you with toxin-free alternatives to your everyday home and personal care essentials. We aim to educate you with information on how consumer products are regulated and help you understand the ingredients that are on their labels. Our goal is that you feel empowered to make informed decisions when making purchases for your home and to help you pursue a toxin-free lifestyle. By subscribing and being a part of the Home Detox Box family, we aim to introduce you to companies that value producing products that are made from natural, toxin-free ingredients, allowing you to build your catalogue of trusted companies for future purchases. It is also our aim to support businesses here in the USA that engage in  cruelty free practices and are mindful of our impact on the planet. 


What do we value?

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