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Family has always been my priority, and although this business has been one of my babies, I need to prioritize my real babies right now. I have two sweet boys, with another baby on the way! With the exciting changes coming for us, I'm no longer able to manage the demands of running this business. I'm sorry to say goodbye, but couldn't be prouder of the progress we've made towards fulfilling our mission: to introduce people to safer products and alternatives to their every day essentials.

-Danuta Cloes, Founder

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"We have a right to know the ingredients in our products and to understand what we are using on our bodies and in our homes." 

- Danuta Cloes, Founder

Aren’t All Products Sold in Stores Safe? The Short Answer is NO. 

Cosmetic products and ingredients do not require FDA premarket approval, meaning they are not regulated nor inspected prior to being sold in stores. Instead, Cosmetic firms are responsible for substantiating the safety of their products and ingredients before marketing.

The FDA estimates 12,500+ ingredients are used in cosmetics. Only 13 ingredients have been blacklisted in the USA for use in cosmetics, while Europe has banned over 1,300.

"Only 13 ingredients have been blacklisted in the USA for use in cosmetics, while Europe has banned over 1,300."

The EPA has an inventory list of over 80,000 approved chemicals for manufacturing in household products. 60,000 of those chemicals were grandfathered in to their approved list for manufacturing since the Toxic Substances Control Act came into law in 1976; most of which have yet to be tested for toxicity levels. 

Common household items carried in big box stores have been identified as endocrine disruptors and cancer-causing agents, while others are linked to allergies, skin irritations, reproductive defects, respiratory issues, and more.   

These toxic chemicals do not belong in products used in and around the home. By supporting businesses that choose health and the environment as a priority, you are voting with your dollar for safer products to be put on the shelves and made available to us as consumers. 


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Giving Back

A portion of profits from your purchase will be donated to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in an effort to eliminate harmful chemicals from cosmetic products.

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